Grivel G12 Crampons


The Grivel G12 crampons are classic 12-point crampons designed for general mountaineering, alpinism, mixed ice , rock climbing, and moderate waterfall routes. The four points that are perpendicular to the crampon rails, prevent shearing in soft snow and improve security while descending (facing outward). The crampons are fully adjustable by hand, without tools and one size fits all.
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New-Matic Binding

An evolution of the Cramp-O-Matic system which utilises the C-O-M rear bale and lever. The plastic harness system is hinged from two front posts which retain the boot securely even if it has a shallow, worn front welt or overboots are being used. It is a simple and efficient binding, being far more versatile than the original Cramp-O-Matic style. Made in dual-component plastic: the black part is stronger, bearing the strain whilst the yellow part is softer, increasing adherence to the boot. The harness is made from the strongest, most durable plastic available -Zytel DuPont, which was developed for the manufacture of alpine ski bindings. Obviously it cannot last forever, so please, after long and severe use replace the harness the same way you would resole trekking boots or rock climbing shoes.

New Classic Binding

An evolution of the Classic binding. Both front and rear plastic harnesses are hinged from their respective retention posts and may be “opened” to facilitate attachment to the boot, then closed securely once the boot is inside. The single strap closure system is so simple we may not need to provide instructions; the New Classic is therefore ideal for rental programs and first time users. This system is simple and reliable, quick and easy, but it does take up a bit more space in the rucksack.


  • Number of Points: 12
  • Made from: Chromolly steel
  • Front points: 2
  • Rigidity: Semi-Rigid
  • Weight: 900g per pair
  • Boot size: 36-47
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New-Matic, New Classic

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