Ocun Climbing WeBee Set


The Ocun Climbing WeBee set includes all the necessary gear to jump into climbing. The WeBee 3 harness is included in this budget-wise climbing set for beginning climbers

Purchasing the first harness is an important moment in life of a climber. And it´s the same with his very first own belay device, HMS carabiner and chalk bag.

In the Climbing WeBee Set you´ll find sport climbing harness WeBee 3 developed with a special focus on lightness, breathability and easy maintenance. You´ll also get ergonomically shaped HMS carabiner Eagle, universal belay device Hurry, chalk bag and a chalk ball.

Climbing WeBee Set contains everything you need to start climbing. Well, except for climbing shoes.


Colors of chalk bag and form of chalk may differ from photo.


  • Harness WeBee 3
  • Eagle HMS Screw Blue
  • Belay device Hurry Blue
  • Chalk bag Push Blue
  • Chalk Bag Belt
  • Chalk Crushed 35 g
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L, M, S, XL

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