Ocun Rival Kids Climbing Shoes


The Ocun Rival opens a new category of children’s‘ climbing shoes. With its soft construction, it allows for high performance climbing without risk of damage to the foot. The heavy rubberising on the toe-box helps with toe-hooks, even on overhangs. A great compromise between competitive climbing and comfort. The slipper construction with elasticated rubber and the velcro strap holds the foot perfectly using the same technology as the Oxi S.


The Ocun Rival is a children’s climbing shoe designed to provide a competitive-climbing level of performance without the risk of causing damage to the foot. The soft construction allows the foot to move naturally and pain-free, but unlike many kids’ climbing shoes, the Ocun Rival features a microfibre upper that won’t stretch. This means that it’s intended performance shape will stay the same, instead of over-stretching. It also features a heavily rubberised toe-box that will help kids perform technical climbing moves.


  • Upper: Microfiber
  • Insole: Canvas
  • Sole rubber: CAT rubber 1.5, 4mm
  • Vegan: 100% Vegan
  • All sizes are in UK
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