Boot Bananas


Fight the funk!

Make smelly shoes a thing of the past

Boot Bananas are fragrant and moisture-absorbing shoe deodorisers for climbing boots, running shoes or any other “fruity” footwear.

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Bursting with Freshness

A blend of odour-neutralising salts, minerals and the finest botanicals. With a fresh fragrance of Lavender, Lemon, Patchouli & Tea-tree. Designed to remove and prevent extreme and ingrained odours found in sports shoes and boots.

As Nature Intended

The perfect shape to slide into any footwear, gloves, pads, or enclosed spaces. Cotton fabric banana ‘skins’, with earth friendly active ingredients and real plant extracts. Minimal plastic by design.

Ripeness Indicator

These Boot Bananas gradually ‘ripen’ with moisture exposure. When they turn completely brown or stop deodorising, it’s time to replace them. Approximately 6 -12 months of freshness, depending on use and care.

Banana Care

Dry your Boot Bananas out in the sun – or near a radiator – and avoid excessive moisture exposure, which may shorten lifespan. Only intended for removing odour and sweat. Not for drying wet footwear.

Recycle Me

Take this packaging to supermarkets or retailers with a collection point for flexible plastic packaging and carrier bags.

WARNING: This product is for functional use only and is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 3. Non edible. Carabiner clip non load bearing.

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